Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to ZA’s, Part II

My car took a total of five weeks to retrieve.

The part ordering. The claim adjustment. The auxiliary payments. My insurance check got lost in the mail, and took 12 days to arrive after it was re-issued.

Where the buffalo roam…everywhere.

Any regular person with a regular job would’ve been in nothing short of a crisis. They would’ve had to call work, explained their impulse decision-turned-disaster, given a time-frame for returning, rented a car to drive back to Colorado, probably stayed in a motel at least once, and then planned a second marathon-drive weekend to pick up the finished vehicle. All the while, of course, having some transportation solution for the month-long period during which their car was 450 miles away.

Instead, I spent my days working out of a camper in a remote pasture that needed fence repairs. It was Nick’s idea to move into it and park us on a

Home on the (wifi) range

beautiful, isolated stretch of wooded hills and meadow, with a powerful 4G hotspot. Just as if I was in a coffee shop, or my home office, I logged into my Zirtual world from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm PST. On my lunch break I would deliver face scratches and neck-hugs to Nick’s young horse. In the evening we sometimes took long walks to watch the sunset from the top of a butte. I would wake up to the shouts of wild horses and mother cows calling their calves. I spent my weekends pushing cattle, fixing fences, skinny dipping in tree-lined, hidden reservoirs, and gathering bundles of wild sage. Every night, this new love and I would bed down with a symphony of frogs and crickets, and the occasional distant drum beat of a pow-wow drifting over the hills.

The resident wild horses

I finally got my car, of course, in Rapid City — even though I was far from wanting to go home. That being said, I left South Dakota with a completely new spin on the meaning of “Work. Life. Balanced.” It seems so much clearer to me now that we’re meant to experience ourselves, each other, and the world intimately, to actually be present for it. Whether that means watching your kids play over the top of your laptop, or living the life you dream about in a place far away from the regional corporate office, this is the answer. If the internet is the last frontier, Zirtual is blazing that trail to a whole new way of working, and you better believe I’m staying on this wagon!

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