That moment after you walk the dog, check both email accounts twice, tweet, gram and Facebook.

That moment you’re stuck between post-vacation



That moment you go for a third cup of coffee but don’t want it.

Or need it.

That moment you reach for your sketchpad and 6B pencil, when you know you should be writing a recipe, doing research for the next book.





hard not to get sucked down the rabbit hole of the Toast, Eater or God forbid Facebook.


Just open a document. Start typing. One word after the other. The story will eventually reveal itself.

The story you have to tell.

Must tell.




not to self-edit.

That moment you realize you’re procrastinating.

You don’t want to give in, but know that is exactly the one thing you should do.

Go with the flow.

Stop picking last week’s coral-colored nail polish from your fingernails.

The art project you dreamed up en route from NYC to Nashville the day before pops in your thoughts

and you know you must sketch to make room for the words you know will eventually blossom.

If. You. Just. Let. Them.

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