Death to PowerPoint: Presentations in code
Fish Percolator

I recently built a project (along with a team of content creators and a graphic designer) for my company using Revelry.js with Jade and SASS preprocessors. The project contains nearly 50 “slides” in 5 sections. So rather than working with one huge HTML file, I was able to create 5 .jade files and quickly compile and build my project. With many content updates and design changes over 3 months, it was indispensable.

What a fantastic fork of Reveal.js. I encourage other developers to give it a try. I also have to give props to fullpage.js which was used for the home page, and the Flash2Svg extension for Adobe Animate to create the self-contained animated SVGs.

I have been a developer since the mid 90s. We have come such a long way with our modern web development workflows and the fantastic open-source community!

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