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Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland is a marketing and sales consultant with over two decades of experience in the fields. She has worked with the biggest pharmaceutical conglomerates in the world to helping small business develop launch plans and get off the ground. She has an eye for what will make a business successful and how to reach a target audience. Maureen Edwards from Baltimore, Maryland understands different ways businesses can get media to help promote and grow their company. One of the ways this can be achieved is through earned media.

Earned media is, at its core, online word of mouth that will help customers or clients find a business. This can be shares, likes, mentions, reviews, reposts, recommendations, or even content that was picked by 3rd party sites. This word of mouth will help bring clients to the businesses primary or owned media, like their website where branding and messaging can be controlled.

For example, if someone shares a product or service review on a social media site, their connections that see the review may visit the business’s page to learn more about the product and purchase it if they are interested in the product. Without their friend’s review, they may never have known that the product or service existed. This one way earned media can effective turn into owned media and expand a customer base.

There are many ways to help expand earned media. A strong SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is one of those ways. Maureen Edwards of Baltimore, Maryland helps clients build their SEO strategies, along with many other ways of increasing sales and customer base to grow their business.

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