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Alison, CBS may have changed something and thought I would see if you and the crack ringer team has noticed and know the “why”. So I really agree with your CBS vanilla discussion and there are many great options like “Atlanta” and “Mr Robot” but I still like to keep track of NCIS-something comfortable and home about that procedural. I usually DVR and to save space record on the SD setting. I think CBS lowered the quality of NCIS in the SD version or they hired an really bad director of photography. The show looks awful on SD(none of the actors have to worry about wrinkles showing). The commercials are crisper and clearer than the show it is striking. The quality looks like a VHS from the 1990s. Can not imagine the reason for it and not as noticable on a quick check of NCIS NO and Dr. Bull. But painful to view and could become a good reason to quit following because not going to HD DVR it. Let me know if you have noticed a change-would have considered blaming provider but again the commercial quality is way better than the show so it is not the provider. Are there costs saving in reducing the SD quality? feel bad for people who dont have HD TVs.