DAY [1]

We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence,then, is not an act, but a habit.~Aristotle

This is very clearly represented at Andela. There is a certain culture of excellence in everything Andela folks do. The program itself has a certain habit of order, the people express themselves eloquently with a touch of confidence and their everyday playfulness allows for creativity and unedited self expression. I won’t forget to mention the good free food. Yes, it’s free and yes, it’s good.

We started the day by polishing up on our interacting skills through the daily morning routine of games which was fun and seemed to cultivate some healthy competition as well as team spirit. This was followed by the main class lesson which was to create a repository where we mainly used git (a version control system that is widely used for software development and other version control tasks). We also got to write code on our own and push it to our repositories. This was the most frustrating yet rewarding part of the day as I battled with colons and syntax and came out strong. I think the biggest asset Andela has is patient moderators of the boot camps. The influence of a good teacher cannot be erased.

I cannot wait for day[2] because honestly my second day left me excited and inspired to be excellent.