Idea Dairy #5
Wylder Reeds

Great observation, Wylder, about the solipsistic nature of social media and its ‘recommendations’, the insidious way in which it coopts us in restricting our worldview to those things that we already agree with. We can see the dangers of that in the U.S. election — and we shouldn’t feel too smug about that! Break that self-built box as often as you can; it’s vital to creativity that you not restrict your access to ideas and inspiration. So much of creativity is about making the connections between things that are not homogenized, that are not readily seen by people. These algorithms are built on satisfying short-term needs and providing instant satisfaction and you can see why that method is viable from their standpoint. We do a disservice to an audience when that’s all we give them; and we do a disservice to ourselves when we give into that out of convenience.

Seek out more media — look at the disruptors and, even beyond media, look to other inspirations and influencers.

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