Why Live in a 55 Plus Active Adult Community?

I moved to PebbleCreek, a 55 Plus Active Adult Community near Phoenix, AZ, when I was 53 years old. (I share some of my experiences here).

At the time, I had 30 years of professional experience in East Coast cities under my belt. I was armed with a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies, a supportive spouse, and some retirement money socked away.

For me, it made complete sense that it was time for a big change. 30 years was feeling like an eternity to work a set schedule and commute while putting up with administration and HR departments. (Not to mention shoveling, freezing, slipping on ice…!)

I was ready to shake things up.

As a Realtor, I work every day with people who are trying to decide whether moving to a 55 Plus Community will enhance their lives. Over and over again, some of the same topics come up.

Everything is Going To Change Whether You Move or Not

This is just true. As folks evaluate whether to move to a 55 Plus Community — especially from another city — one of their concerns is whether they should move at all. They are comfortable where they are and in some ways feel “rooted.” But at the same time, no one gets to middle age without having learned (most likely, painfully) that everything is changing all the time; staying in one place does not mean that life remains the same. Life will change dramatically whether you move or not — the question becomes do you want to take some control over those changes or simply let them happen?

It is Easier than You Think To Move

So many people look at their collections, their furniture, their basements, their garages… and see too much work involved in moving. Where will all the stuff go? Most of us have come to the likely conclusion that family members are unlikely to want any of our “stuff.”

And if we are honest with ourselves, we probably don’t want or need most of our “stuff” either.

An entire industry of entreprenuerial folks have positioned themselves to take care of just this issue. There are auction houses, home-clean out helpers, charities that will pick things up. A house can be sorted, packed up and ready to go in a week — if you are ready to let that happen. Yes, it involves letting go of things that are no longer adding value to your life. But recognize that the barrier is an emotional one — the physical work of cleaning out a home can be accomplished efficiently and at a reasonable cost while barely lifting a finger. The question really is, are you ready to let go of things?

A 55 Plus Community Puts Your Needs First

We are in this extended period of life that few generations before us could reasonably consider even a possibility. Hopefully, these years are rich ones full of new challenges, new friendships, new ideas, robust social lives, hobbies and interests. 55 Plus Communities exist to put the developmental needs of middle aged adults first; by contrast, suburban communities, I would argue, focus on the needs of young families.

Living in a 55 Plus Community offers endless opportunity for growth in a setting ideally suited to our generational experiences — with no limits on how much we interact with the world outside the gates. It’s a perfect combination!