When I moved to South Korea in 2010 to take a job as an English Teacher, I thought I had done an exceptional job of preparing for such a big transition. Before I stepped on the Korean Air flight from London to Seoul I had memorised the Korean alphabet, read all about the country’s Confucian culture, bought a pair of plimsolls from Primark which would act as my indoor shoes, and brought some gifts from Scotland for my school’s principal, as I’d seen suggested on a few forums. …

Primavera Sound tends to be on every music fan’s bucket list for several reasons; the lineup is always incredible, the coastal location in sun soaked Parc Del Forum is enticing, and it is extremely organised and well run (no queuing for an hour for a warm pint and greasy burger at Primavera).

My partner and I had always wanted to go to Primavera Sound and in 2017 we finally made it. Here’s 21 things I learned when we attended that will hopefully be of use to anyone going.

Flights and accommodation book up fast

As soon as you buy your Primavera Sound ticket, book your accommodation

This year Christmas will be spent in Berlin. Last year we went to Dresden which was wonderful; we visited the traditional markets, drank hot mugs of Glühwein and huddled round the open fires to keep warm. The trip was so enjoyable it inspired us to experience a German Christmas for the second year in a row.

There are several reasons Berlin was our choice of location. Firstly, we have visited several times before and absolutely love it (it might even be my favourite city in the world). Secondly, Germany is a magical country to visit over Christmas time — the…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a backpacker in possession of an Australian working holiday visa must be in want of a job. I certainly was. I had landed in Cairns following a blissful four months travelling around South East Asia where my meagre pennies had travelled far, allowing me to dine out every evening, stay in comfortable accommodation, and live a life of (relative) indulgence. When I went to purchase a packet of M&Ms in Cairns airport and realised they were the same price as a three course meal in Indonesia, I had the crushing realisation every backpacker…

Something worrying is happening on airplanes across the world.

It happened on an Emirates flight I was on last month. My partner, not finding the multitude of movies, TV shows, games and radio stations on the in flight entertainment system enough to keep him occupied, decided to check if the onboard Wi-Fi was working. It was — and it was free for up to 20MB. He put his phone at the window, snapped a pic of the airplane wing above the the mountains of Iran, and uploaded the photo to Facebook with the caption “First time using in-air Wi-Fi. Flying…

Germany is one of my favourites countries to visit. I love its effortless cool, its fascinating history and its friendly people (I have found the rude German stereotype to be a myth). Before this year, I’d visited Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Dresden and was really keen to visit Hamburg, the second biggest city in Germany. We managed to make it there in May this year and this is what we did.


Sternschanze is Hamburg’s alternative, “hipster” neighbourhood. It’s filled with cool bars, artisan cafes and independent shops. …

“You’re always off somewhere! How do you do it?” is a question I am asked often, usually in a slightly disparaging tone.

I do a travel a lot. To give you perspective, this year I, along with my boyfriend Paul, spent four days in Hamburg in April, four days at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona in May/June, two days in Cambridge in August, two weeks in Korea and Japan in September/October, and we are going to Berlin for three days over Christmas this December.

Last year we went to Liverpool for two days in March, Milan for four days in…

My first noraebang experience was at the end of a Seoul day out that turned into a Seoul night out. I had met a group of fellow English teachers for an afternoon of sightseeing followed by dinner and drinks. As the time passed and one by one members of the group dropped away, it reached the early hours of the morning and there was only four left: me, my boyfriend Paul, and two American guys, Tom and Dave. …

Probably the first question people ask me when they discover how much I’ve travelled is “What was your favourite country?” In the words of a clickbait headline, the answer will often surprise them. My favourite country to travel in is….

The USA.

Are you surprised?

People I’ve told tend to be. I think they expect somewhere more unusual like El Salvador or maybe somewhere more traditionally exotic like Fiji. To them, the USA seems so familiar. So…. mainstream.

I’ve always wanted to travel round the US. Whether this is because its cities interested me, I was influenced by the romance…

People we know often wonder, and if you’re reading this blog maybe you’re wondering yourself, how we are able to travel so often. People often assume that to travel so often we must be rich.

I need to stress this because it is important — we are not rich. And we have never been given a wad of money by rich parents or anyone else to go travelling with.

There are three key elements in what allows us to travel so often:

  1. We have decided travel is important to us so we prioritise it and do without other things that…

Maureen Collins

Glasgow, Scotland. Loves are travel, writing and photography/ www.mointheworld.com / www.etsy.com/shop/moandpaulphotography

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