How Qatar residents can help civilians trapped in Aleppo
Shabina Khatri

While I think all the campaigns are worthwhile, I would like to ask who is head of these donation funds and how many in between people are filling their pockets with the donation money. Where will you build temporary accommodation if you can’t get into the places that are in most need. Where are all the donations of clothes and toys and books that have already been spent for them. More than half of the immigrants are living in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are also doing their fair share. Why is a basic food package so expensive QR 200 and a clothes bag QR 250/200 and a hygiene kit for QR 150 why is there differences in prices,when the Red Crescent has boxes all over the place holding donations and as I see it are often overfilled and not collected?

“Some of the donations will go toward caravan shelters, food baskets, warm meals, children’s milk, tents and tent renovations”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??

The first thing would b to get them to safety, the second thing is to get them out of the cold. Tent renovations, — hmm there is enough money in these funds to buy new tents what the need is a rood over their heads and a place to sleep. They need warm shoes and warm clothing

“ a pair of pants, coat, wool clothes, gloves, earmuffs, hat, socks, shoes and a shawl”.

Ear muffs and a hat a shawl— hmm I suppose they are going to a fashion parade — the basic necessities seemed to have taken on high fashion, what they need are ear plugs so they are not made deaf by the bombs and a good scarf would be good to cover their necks. Blankets and beds?? Due to the fact that I am aware of factories in India producing blankets for world disaster funds I ask myself who is buying into this.

300.000 is a drop in the ocean when you consider how many other cities have been bombed out and how many other refugees are on the run from terrorists.

What you have to do is cut out all the inbetween goers and collectors and have one fund distributing to first Aleppo and then the others.

My last question is — Winter didn’t come suddenly it comes every year, this was not an unexpected crises it has been on going, why use Qatar National Day to make this public (we all knew it was happening) ?

There is no doubt in my mind that these people are suffering, but I am suffering for the dilettantes planning and and working on this — when will all of this reach those people we are now in the middle of December, in February Spring is in the air and all the warm clothes will still be standing on a border somewhere in Syria!!!!

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