Let’s Give Parents Time Off to Mourn Child Loss-Let’s Update the FMLA!
Barry David Kluger

Our son Andrew aged 30 had his life taken away from him, through proven and admitted, negligence by our local hospital, here in Walsall, West Midlands, England on February 02nd 2012, just weeks before he was due to get married. Andrew was a bus driver and so was his dad. Over here, in my husband’s job, he was allowed a weeks bereavement leave. There is no way, that my husband could go back to work NOW, let alone have possibly gone back to work after a week. My husband and my son worked for the same company, National Express Walsall. They used to see each other at work ALL THE TIME. One of the bosses said that in the nicest way, they did not want my husband to go back to work as they could foresee the carnage that would happen, if he was made to return to work and due to the fact that my husband was due to retire in the July of that year, it was suggested to my husband that as long as our own doctor was willing to sign sickness notes, stating that my husband was not well enough to return to work, which was very true, they would continue to pay him sickness pay until his retirement. We are still in shock at losing our Andrew and still very angry at the way our hospital let him down. We still can’t function properly, we still have very little interest in anything, we have lost our way and can’t see a light at the end of this very long tunnel. We aren't the people we used to be and never well be again. Some people have said that they don’t recognise the people we have become and that Andrew would turn in his grave if he saw us now. All I can say, to those sort of comments is, LUCKILY they have never lost a child, and HOPEFULLY, they will never do so, as we would hate them to have to be in our shoes, BUT if they were in our shoes, THEY WOULD CHANGE TOO.

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