The Death of the “magic wand”

It’s time we return the “magic wand” to children. The “magic wand” has unlimited power in the hands of a child! We took away the “magic wand” when the pre-kindergarten became a prep class for kindergarten.

What happened to the Kindergarten class curriculum being implemented IN kindergarten?

Preparation for Kindergarten is the main goal of pre-k programs now. After a meeting with my child’s pre-k teacher, I felt devastated! My four-year old doesn’t know the difference between a number and a letter. He isn’t able to identify most either.

But, the eyes of my child are curious and can detect discrepancies, discord and unfairness. His eyes are bright, alive, smiling and loving! His heart bears compassion and kindness. His mind wants to read and invent stories using his imagination. But his teacher told him he is in the “red zone,” because he is not doing his school work.

We took a “magic carpet” ride recently, to a magic kingdom, where he reigned as king, and every child had the freedom to use their “magic wand.”