Corruption in the DEA

With the conviction of the two main players in the Ross Ulbricht Silk Road conspiracy, the DEA may well have dealt itself a terminal blow in regrads to these type of agency run take downs. The two agents who were part of a team seconded to take Ulbricht down indulged in siphoning off approximately $ 800 K in Bit Coins ultimately leading to their convictions.

Carl Mark Force has been convicted of extortion, money laundering and obstruction of Justice and has been ordered to spend six and a half years behind bars. As well, the Secret service agent who worked with him, a man by the name of Shaun Bridges has been found guilty of obtaining $820K in Bit Coins from the same scam.

In a case that sees the agent creating and imitating personas that were to hit one of Ulbrights associates that was suspected of ripping off Silk Road. In fact it was Bridges who had scammed the money, thereby creating the scenario for Ulbright to hire the hit man Bridges had created to stop the money being stolen any more. At what point Bridges became obsessed with creating these alter egos is not entirely clear. What is is the fact that he created multi personalities to engratiate himself with Roberts. This then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy whereas some one living a lie long enough starts to morph into that lie. Albeit personalities.

The upshot is that Ulbrights attorneys will now apply to have his appeal reinstated on the grounds of witholding the information about the two corrupt officers. The appeal is set to go before a panel of three judges and the governments case will be that a second team took Roberts down, probably in anticipation of this very scenario. Never the less, bridges has signed a $230K contract with 20th Century Fox for movie rights once again proving that reality does in fact mirror fiction. Or Vice versa.