Why You Cannot Find “The One”
Heidi K. Isern

Random Acts of Kindness.

Random acts of Kindness can tell people a lot about your Character.

When driving home after the ubiquitous rain storms for this time of year had passed, my wife pointed to a mother with a pre school aged child attempting to change a flat on her 4wd.

In Australia, Toyota 4wd’s are a type of status symbol. Rugged, dependable & also like the rain storms for this time of year, every where. Accessorising one is a must. Usually after the bullbar comes a winch, side skirts & for the die hards a pig dog cage.

Never the less, they still get flats & this one was stuck.

Now I believe in helping our fellow humans. I dont think that being a dick means not acting with some form of consideration for the predicament and circumstance. So it was that while my wife chatted with our new found friend, I set about getting the spare down all the time planning the most efficient way to safely change the offending part.

Now most people would not think much of such a trivial show of human kindness & rightly so. But it says more about me that I wanted to get this car on the road. I wanted to be the material excuse for having delivered a static situation into one of fluid movement.

These little notions I call random acts of kindness are as much a tonic for the perpetrator as the recipient . Just a small notion of helping our fellow citizen complete a task as mundane as changing a tyre floods the brain with serotonin.

From little things big things grow & it has been shown that participating in a feel good event can empower a person to repeat an act of kindness to some one in need of a helping hand. Then there is the experience of the recipient.

My head was swelled with images of this person expousing the abilities of the stranger who acted without want of any reward. With as much as half an hours effort, I had planted the image in my head and hopefully others that I was this kind man with good honest intentions & had indeed made myself a better person from one random act of kindness.

This then is the tonic that radiates through any one conducting an act of kindness. It is both rewarding and empowering. It allows us to see humanity at its core basic response and also it just feels good.

So beside the studies that show that helping our fellow neighbours is good soul food for recipient and participant, we are fostering a sense of inclusiveness. In this time of divisive rhetoric whith communiites being told to muster along lines of racial in equality and economic blaming, just a little act of random kindness can go some small way to say, thats not me.

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