The History Of the Port Arthur Massacre that led to Guns being banned in Australia:

Port Arthur is a scenic area on the South coast of Tasmania that has a past that whistles with the ghosts of the convicts that built the historic buildings. These dot the scenic cove that was settled with the blood of convicts sent over from jolly old England to a sentence of seven years transportation for stealing one loaf of bread. It was for the incorrigables to be sent to Port Arthur as they had managed to bring them selves to the attention of the authorities by some form of misdomeanor.

And there it was that this scenic site, with a history of blood and violence was targeted for the worst massacre in Australian history and so on April the 28th 1996 Martin Bryant shot 35 people dead and wounded 23 in a stint of evil madness.

The history behind his actions is that he was attached to his father who had attempted to purchase the Sea Scape Bed & Breakfast some time before but for want of a better explanation, and after his father committed suicide the seeds of jealousy and resentment were planted in the unstable mind of this mass murderer.

Bryant was 28 at the time he committed this act of wanton homicide on an unsuspecting public, mainly made up of tourists visiting except for the staff employed there. He had an IQ of 66 which equates to the mind of a child and this was to play no small part in Bryant being taunted his whole life about his intellect.

He brefriended a widow by the name of Helen Harvey who was the heir to the tats lottery fortune and she invited Bryant to lodge with her as gardner / companion. She died while driving herself and Bryant in the countryside and it came to the attention of the Tasmanian police that on several occasions before, the car had mysteriously swerved in front of oncoming traffic only to avoid an accident at the last moment. So it may be that Bryant set about claiming his inheritance earlier than this woman had liked.

At any rate, this man with the mind of a child decided that he would leave his evil mark on humanity and after finishing his meal at the Broad Arrow Cafe he produced a M16 from a duffle bag and within 15 seconds he had killed twelve and wounded ten.

He then proceeded in his Volvo some few hundred meters up the road where he chased a small child of three years age around a tree where she was running to avoid his murderous rampage. She was too small to escape and after shooting her mother first he then gunned down this little person who would not have been able to escape. He spent the rest of the day stealing a car and picking people off at random until his final tally was 35 dead and 23 in jured. Evil does not get much worse than this.

He was not brave enough to shoot it out with the police nor take his own life. So after starting a fire at the Bed & Breakfast he surrendered albeit with some superficial burns to his back and legs.

He is now housed in the Psychiatric wing of Risdon prison where he is to serve about eleven hundred years. He is an obese pathetic shell of a man with his weight hovering around one hundred and sixty kilos and under heavy sedation.

He has been assaulted by other prisoners and has assualted staff as well as offering rewards for sexual services. He is where he belongs and because of his actions, the then conservative Prime Minister John Howard orchestrated one of the biggest buy backs of fire arms in history and Australia is a safer place for it.

Many people, me included resisted the new laws but I can live without them. If it takes us as a collective society a mass murder of innocents to mark us as prepared to surrender some freedoms for a basic human right, to go and live without fear of some nutter assassinating you and your children, then I am for it.

Lastly, we are not gun free. Farmers have bolt action fire arms with small calibre bullets. Specific hunters that down feral animals have firearms. In Australia you need to have a reason to own a firearm and wanting to kill innocent people is not reason enough.

Footnote:- There are some, not many who question whether Bryant did indeed commit the worst atrocity on Australian soil. They point to a lack of forensic science to convict the man. They also claim that not one person could kill so any people in a short time.

There are eye witness reports of Martin Bryant sitting and eating with a blue sports bag that he then produced his M16 from. Many people saw him. His car is parked wher he alighted to chase the mother and three year old down and murder them.

He is the one who held the police at bay for a day and then surrendered with third degree burns he received after setting the Bed and Breakfast alight. In essence, because of the overwhelming first hand visual sighting of Bryant the prosecution felt it did not need to draw upon the forensic evidence and lets not forget two basic things.

Children or men with the minds of children know right from wrong and indeed Bryant himself pled guilty. It is offensive in so many ways to ignore the evidence of when some one is guilty of a crime or not.