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This is a valid point. From my research I would say about 7 or 8 people out of ten use drugs in a responsible way. I dont want to pay for some one elses drug habit either directly or indirectly by way of tax related harm reduction plans that may or may not be in place where you are. The best way for people to get their drug use under control is to be made aware of the full costs. By getting people to work albeit part time in some community setting gives them a sense that they are not being so much of a burdon on any one. I am a part time drug user. I work, pay taxes & generally have a good & fair reputation with my business dealings. I have suffered by coming out but at 55 it matters little to me. I note your old grandad was in his seventies. What an innings for some one drug addicted & destroys the myth that drug users are young & doing nothing.