Why I Ignore The Slings & Arrows of the Feds

I have been arguing mainly with the DEA for three years now. I assume its the DEA but could be any big American government organisation as they do not put their name up. Nor do they allow me to see what they publish about me. This started three years ago when I reacted to a blog by a fed condemning my endorsement of the DDW. Why did I endorse the Deep Dot Web. Simply because at the time I was asked to look into whether using it avoided violence & it does.

So when I pointed this out I was put on some list that a colleague at Norton informed about. No biggie there, just some disgruntled Fed with more power than gracious sense, The real killer was when they totally blocked my internet access for near on a year. My Safety Consultancy took a huge hit & it was not until I emailed the American Embassy that they allowed it back on. But they did promise to fuck me up.

Thats not up to them. Its up to me & what I write. Thinking minded people are not as interested in the person as the content. My computer tells me I have a key stroke reader installed in the software. I am not worried. I am a moderate. I look at both sides before I decide my position.

I do not like Big Brother as such as it changes my way of acting. Imagine every time you hit send, you cringe that what you sent actually arrives.

Dirty tricks are the norm. There must be more than me getting whipped by the powers that be. If you want to find out about me either look me up on the net or ask. But dont ask Google. They sent me a message that the US government was trying to take my site down. Its gone!

Now I have seen all sorts of porn, bodies torn apart from war. Even wanna-be politicians rant racist, mysoganistic & derogatory words to any public system that will both tolerate & publish him. But tell people that you are a moderate that tolerates people who use substances in a safe way. Promote safe substance use. Even advise on harm reduction & your site is gone.

Its censorship by stealth. We will get around it & just remember. Big Brother is real.