Shannon Sharpe has the Nerve to Attack Omarosa’s Looks, When He Won’t Even Date a Black woman!!!

If Shannon Sharpe is not a fan of Omarosa, then he should not have any business swirling. His pro-black was full of BS while Omarosa is married to a black man?? Go figure. Not a fan of either one of them but when Trump called Omarosa a lowlife, I couldn’t be mad at him because Omarosa is a money hungry black woman who is trying to capitalize off of her being ousted by Trump just like she did when she was on the Apprentice show. Now the thing is, Trump is a lowlife too, just the rich, white privileged kind. I say all of this just to say neither one of them deserves my respect and I am a black man who is not into swirling nor believe that swirling is going to protect me from this evil, global system of white supremacy. Shannon Sharpe may think he’s all of that, just wait until his ass gets shot by the cops. He would be running to us pretty much the way Omarosa is doing it now, thinking they’re going to be invited to the cookout. As black people, we need to stop being so accepting of white folks and forgiving our own for the stupid mess that they do. Negroes like Omarosa and Shannon Sharpe need to be excommunicated and ostracized from our community.