We need to talk about…
Ezinne Ukoha

Republicans like Cindy Hyde-Smith who thanked God via White Jesus are indeed Earth Pigs. The reason why I ask this is because I did a little research about the name Jesus and the etymology of his name. What I found made sense as to why I don’t plead the name of Jesus anymore. The first slave ship was named Jesus. Yeah, the ship of Earth Pigs. Our ancestors were classified as Earth Pigs and treated as such. Add that to the fact Pigs are the nastiest animals that ever existed. They eat and slop over anything. Does that remind you of these pale skin bastards we see in government and in other areas of economic, political, social life??? The Black Panthers were known for calling law enforcement “pigs” because guess what??? Law enforcement kills anything that is black and brown moving without worrying about being prosecuted. Black people have never been classified as citizens. We are nothing more than corporate entities, unless you don’t have a SSN. So these so called illegal immigrants and guest workers are truly the free people in this country and these Earth Pigs called peckerwoods and pale skin bastards don’t like that. They want to be able to track everyone that comes into this country. Their politics are based on fear and anxiety, not love and compassion for their fellow humans. That’s all I have to say on this juncture. Thank you for listening