We need to talk about…
Ezinne Ukoha

Whiteness is the poison that gives these pale skin bastards protection in a deluded sense. Why I say that??? Because these pale skin bastards create the laws to suit them and only them. Black people as well as so called illegal immigrants and guest workers are not classified as citizens. However, black people are the only brown skinned people who can be used as corporate entities to satisfy the State because our indentured slave labor is important.

Whiteness is the poison determined by these pale skin bastards who is white and who is not. Black people who speak RWS talking points are deluded into thinking they would have a place at these pale skin bastards table but also think they are white as well such as your Candace Owens’, Sherriff Clarkes, Steve Harveys, Mia Loves, Alveda Kings, Pastors John Grays and Darrell Scotts, and the list goes on and on.

I talk about Whiteness in my book in various areas of economic, political, social life, just to name a few areas in my book The Ideology of Whiteness which can be purchased on Lulu.com