A Look at the Most Popular Types of Shower Enclosures for the Modern Bathroom

Showers have evolved a lot from how they were a mere few decades ago. Rather than just simple box-like structures where you can take a quick cleansing, modern showers today can be equipped with the latest bells and whistles, from aromatherapy features to LED lighting, which can make your shower experience truly relaxing — and even magical, to say the least.

But if you are thinking of re-furbishing your bathroom with a new shower enclosure, you first need to know what choices are in store. The thing, though, is that there are a lot of choices, so you have to look carefully at what’s available. To help you make a more informed decision, here’s a look at the most popular types of shower enclosures available today.

The basic shower enclosure

The basic shower enclosure is just that — a square or rectangular structure enclosed with doors and panels. If you are looking for a place where you and your household can simply take a quick shower, then a basic shower cubicle or enclosure could be for you. Shower enclosures like these usually come with one hinged door, but you also have a choice between sliding, pivot, or bi-folding doors.

The quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant shower cabins or enclosures are all the rage today as they are not only chic and stylish, they are practical as well. If you have a smaller bathroom, quadrant shower enclosures may be the right option. Quadrant shower enclosures are also easy to clean and free from fuss, and go well with modern bathroom themes.

The walk-in shower enclosure

The walk-in shower enclosure, as its name implies, is simply an enclosure where you can walk in — it is often more spacious than a regular enclosure as it is both long and wide. You can choose to have walk-in shower enclosures with walls that are open on one side so there is a better flow of air. If you have more than enough space in your own bathroom, then you can opt for a walk-in shower enclosure.

The wet room

A wet room is different from a shower enclosure in that your entire bathroom becomes a type of ‘spa.’ This is because the shower area is simply separated from the other bathroom areas with a glass wall. Whilst a wet room may be a great choice for some, its installation can take plenty of time and effort.

The steam shower enclosure

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just take a shower — you should take it in style. A steam shower does just that, as it’s a combination shower and steam room where you can really get relaxed and rejuvenated. These come in modular units that are fitted with the most advanced features, such as massage jets, touch controls, thermostatic sensors, chromatherapy lighting, glass shelves, and more.

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