What I believe that many do not

Maurice Mauser
Sep 1, 2014 · 1 min read
  1. Life is not about pleasure-maximization but growth and creation.
  2. The chance of any man-made religion being true is virtually 0.
  3. Democracy is not the best form of government, meritocracy is.
  4. Justice is not grounded in equality, but opportunity and merit.
  5. We need less regulation, not more.
  6. Autodidactic learning beats university education.
  7. We do need the generalist.
  8. Personalities and abilities are shaped, not set in stone.
  9. If in doubt, choose authenticity over social convention.
  10. Luck is not given but created.
  11. Risk-avoidance is the riskiest strategy.
  12. Good is done by creative destruction, not well-intended conservation.
  13. Technological progress spawns a future of abundance, not extinction.
  14. Progress is exponential, not linear.
  15. Reality is best represented by power-laws, not averages.
  16. Energy-abundant multi-planetary life is achievable in our lifetime.
  17. Super-human synthetic intelligence and creativity are achievable.
  18. Ageing is a disease that can be cured.
  19. Consciousness is a layer of abstraction, grounded in tangible matter.
  20. Free will is a layer of abstraction, made of deterministic components.

    Maurice Mauser

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