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  • SV Angel

    SV Angel

    SV Angel is a San Francisco-based venture fund.

  • Amit Garg

    Amit Garg

    Venture Capitalist; based in Silicon Valley since 1999

  • Sven Wissebach

    Sven Wissebach

    Co-Founder + MD @store2be | Alum @ProjectAcom @BCG @zando_co_za @vertskebap @RolandBerger @lufthansa | Inspired by great people, aspiring brands & unique spaces

  • paul bragiel

    paul bragiel

    founding partner - i/o, golden gate, savannah & gamefounders . colombian national xc ski team . previously ceo of lefora, meetro & paragon5.

  • Google


    News and updates from Google

  • Venkatesh Rao

    Venkatesh Rao

    BOTUS. Blogger of The Unrefactored Spaces. Professional quadrantologist.

  • Chris Butler

    Chris Butler

    Chaotic good product manager, Head of Product Operations @ Cognizant

  • James Beshara

    James Beshara

    Full-time encourager. Founder (tilt, acq by airbnb) , Investor (halo top, gusto, thirdlove, 40+), Creator (airbnb music, below the line podcast, magic mind).

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