Investing in the Mathematician in me

My original plan was to study Applied Math, and, well, I took a minor detour, but here’s a snapshot of my summer (after a Natural Language Processing Nanodegree on Udacity and a general Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera). :)

And here’s where I intend to go next assuming my crypto-investments can carry me all the way through (the hopefully 2? years):

(Currently) 0. MITx 8.04 Quantum Mechanics

  1. MIT OCW 18.04 Complex Analysis: “Complex Analysis: A First Course”, Beck et. al.
  2. MITx 8.05 Mastering Quantum Mechanics
  3. MIT OCW 18.06 Linear Algebra, Prof. Gilbert Strang
  4. MIT OCW 8.962 General Relativity
  5. “Abstract Algebra”, Herstein
  6. “Statistical Mechanics”, Huang
  7. “Elliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography”, Washington
  8. “A First Course in String Theory”, Zwiebach
  9. “Introduction to Theory of Computation”, Sipser
  10. MITx Circuits and Electronics
  11. MITx Computation Structures
  12. Write something original.

Let’s make it happen. :D

*And, maybe, I forgot:

11.5. 5 min break. ^^