A Journey to an Unknown dimension

Often it happens that there are many incidents for which there is no explanation for it. Only the one who has experienced it knows how it was. Dreaming is one of them. In your sleep, whatever is in one’s subconscious mind is the subject of their dream. This is one of my those dreams, one where my subconscious mind used majority of tv series and movies' plot to make this experience, which was haunting enough for me.

Astral Projection(AP) is said to be an out of body experience(OBE) where soul is capable of travelling through the universe leaving its physical body. The trailer of Marvel’s movie 'Doctor Strange’, starring Benedict Cumberbatch the visuals of AP are beautifully pictured. If you haven’t, do check it out. A long time ago, I had read somewhere about lucid dreaming, the dream where one is aware of being in a dream. Furthermore the article said if one is having a lucid dream they can do astral projection in their sleep. And that’s how it began.

The feeling that something is wrong in it. Things doesn’t add up. This has to be dream. Astral Projection was the word that instantly popped in my mind. If I am aware of dreaming and able to control it, maybe I can do Astral Projection. And this is where things started going south! Everything around me streets, buildings, people all of them were getting sucked in something which can be comapared to a black hole. What was more weird was that I was the one in which all things were getting absorbed. I don’t remember anything during that except that I was shouting wildly as this was too much for for me.

When I was conscious, there was darkness all around me. Pitch black. Nothing was visible except an abstract pattern which comprised of red and green colors. I couldn’t even touch face and there was just my soul and no body. I doubted lucid dreaming worked and this was some spiritual dimension I was in.
I was excited and felt like Ed, from FullMetal Alchemist, where I was in some dimension and all the information was available to me. The problem was how to access it. I thought maybe I can talk to God who controls this dimension. Next second, wait a minute I could become God!! I could feel myself falling through into a pit which has seemed like of infinite depth. I was having severe headache, my eyes were burning and I desperately tried with all to open my eyes to get out of the dream. But couldn’t. My body or soul whatever existed in that dimenion, was being pulled apart from each direction. Once again I fainted.

I found myself waking up in a barber shop. I was so much happy to see him, not that he is special but atlast I was out of that place wherever that was. The first logical thing I asked him how long I have gone. What if I had been in some coma. Since it is totally possible that few minutes I spent on that dimension corresponds to years in our dimension. He told me you were pretty tired so got yourself some sleep. I was suspicious about sleeping in a barber shop. I mean this is something I would never do.

My heartbeat began to increase as the thought crossed my mind! I was not having just a dream. It was dream within a dream!! I was not awake yet. But I guess this time I didn’t even dreamt of the word lucid dreaming. After several futile attempts I finally opened my eyes. And the first thing I saw was the same exact abstract red and green pattern that was the only thing in that realm. Apparently I slept without switching lights off and this was the design on my bedsheet. I was profusely sweating and heart was pumping like anything. It was 7am in the morning. And everytime I closed my eyes. I can see the same pattern and felt pain in my head as if it were about to burst.

I told this to my friend. I decided not to sleep anymore because of that haunting experience and given midterm exams were approaching it would be beneficial to get some extra time.
That same afternoon I slept while studying.

And when I woke up it was dark out there. Nope, I didn’t had any other dream like that but when I tried to check time on my phone. It was not having any display on it. Checked on laptop but that too was not giving any display. I could see the charger connected to laptop but no display was something wierd. I ran off to my friend’s room asked about the date and time. Half awake and half asleep. I told him that I think I have done something which I shouldn’t have done. You never mess up with time. He told me to get some sleep and calm down.

When I checked coming back to my room, mobile’s battery was entirely discharged. And even though laptop’s charging cable was connected. I had not switched it on...lol

It might be because of being sleep deprived for 2–3 days. Or some other reason. Whatever that was I have no clue whether I was in sleep or dream what the hell it was but that whole day was one haunting experience.

Maurice Patel