Homo Electric, Part 3: The Sum Of Our Choices
Angus Hervey

Hi guys, I am the Sustainability & Resilience Practice Lead at AECOM in New Zealand and I have thoroughly enjoyed your review of the 1 trillion dollar race. Its a great read and I will definitely encourage my colleagues and clients to read this. It’s long, yes, but necessary to cover all the details. I also agree with your conclusion. The biggest challenge is to change personal behavior and an even bigger one is to influence political change. Luckily the numbers are in our favor. Politicians will find it harder to argue for fossil fuel based energy generation with the costs of renewable coming down so much that they are out-pricing fossil energy generation. But that doesn’t mean the fossil energy industry is going to give up without a fight, as you rightly point out. I have hope, but I know it wont be easy. But if we want to give our kids and their kids a chance of a future worth living, it needs to be done!!! Keep up the good work! Love your newsletters too!