The C word:

Commitment means being there through thick and thin, not pretending to change each other to fill your own expectations of your own definition of success… “instafame”… commitment is understanding that we all operate at different speeds... it’s being supportive. Is not expecting that the other one would complete you, because only you can complete yourself, and once you understand that then you can fully enjoy sharing your wholeness with some one and accept and embrace each other differences… don’t test drive another human, because it feels comfortable… do it because you already love yourself enough that you are capable of sharing yourself fully and not with one foot on the door because of your own insecurities…

Choose to live fully, choose to love fully everyday, make mistakes, but do it honestly. Don’t fool yourself. You’ll only ended up hurting yourself. Don’t pretend because u think you are protecting them or yourself because you are not. Prolonging agony for selfish reasons would hurt you both. 
At the end we can only be committed for now, so make that now amazing.

be kind, be grateful.

Mauricio Munoz