And without letting your friends wait decades for your answer or losing a lunch break with your colleagues

I believe that today there are two types of people: the ones that are always checking their smartphones and smartwatches to interact with their bunch of notifications and the ones that don’t even care about them anymore. They don’t even bother to clean their notification trays. But notifications are supposed to help you and alert you with important information. Why am I feeling that it became the modern version of website pop-ups?

With the growth of mobile devices and mobile applications, and of course, each one of them has something important to tell you, notifications ended up being more like…

There is a way to hint on the release date and prices for the device on the expensive Brazilian market. But don't get too attached to it.

As of now, even though we do not have an official release date or price for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Brazil, there is a slight reliable way to try to figure out these information before they are announced.

Historically, since the iPhone 4S, the device is released in Brazil about 2 months after the US release, which would gives us something around mid-November 2016 for the iPhone 7. For the price, if we follow the logic of the prices in the US, we can see that the iPhone 7 32GB model has the same price of…

We may be witnessing the next major shift in the smartphone market since Samsung took the lead years ago

So Google just annouced a line of new hardware this week. It has been doing this for a while, but it never took it so seriously as now. Chromebooks, Nexus Media Centers, Nexus smartphones, Android TVs… all were not exactly Google hardware, but third party hardware makers playing with Google software platforms. But now, with a "Made by Google" tagline, they announced a bunch of devices and, most important: high-end smartphones. And yes, they were targeting Apple with this. But in the path to reach Apple we have Samsung, its major Android partner and the only giant that could face…

As most of us already know since the end of last year, the Playstation VR will come with a black box that will sit between the Playstation 4 and the headset. Until now, no one knows for certain what does this box is needed for. What does it exactly do?

Richard Marks, director at the PlayStation Magic Lab, made a quick presentation about some tests and experiences that they made with the Playstation VR last February 10th, as a part of the Vision Summit 2016. During the presentation, he clarified all the questions around the box. …

Every year we have the Mobile World Congress, the E3 of mobile technology. And every year we have new smartphones anonoucements from the major brands like Sony, Samsung and LG, and also other cool tech stuff. This year was no different. Here are the most exciting things I found:

Always On Displays — Maybe it all started with the Motorola Moto X years ago, with the Active Notifications. It was a way to show the user information without turning all the screen on and preserve battery life. It was activated when a notification arrived. But now we are starting to…

Since I am using my Apple Watch for about 4 months, I think now I can put down some notes of what works and what does not on this device and also on smartwatches in general.

One thing is for sure: they are useful. Specially if you are a watch user or a former one, like me. I think this smart version of the watch deserves its category name. It is nothing revolutionary and it is definitely not The Next Big Thing, it just preserves it’s predecessor purpose: it’s an accessory. But a smart one.

And what exactly are the…

Mauricio Carvalho

Software Engineer, Prototyper, Early Adopter. Innovations make my day.

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