Neural Networks and Costa Rica’s Electricity

Hi. Last post I said I was getting into Machine Learning, especcially Neural Networks. They are indeed nice!

This post I want to say that I will soon share my Neural Network model applied to Electricity Demand in Costa Rica.

My Neural Network model goal is to correctly clasify Costa Rica’s future Electricity Demand into 6 categories given some variables.

These 6 categories tell whether Costa Rica’s Electricity Demand will increase (or decrease) significantly (or not) for a given hour.

In simpler words, it is a simple way of forecasting demand pressure in the system.

Therefore, it is of relevant interest to know how well the model did in accuracy terms, because it can serve as a new tool for the technical security of any electrical system.

Also, it is a good example of how Neural Networks work, since it’s such a nice modern topic.


Until next post.

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