A Message From The Queen

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash


A message from the Queen. 🎵
A message from the Queen. 🎵
A message from the Queen. 🎵”

👑“ — Dear Mister President
I know ours countries had grown estranged
The crazy man up north is some sort of a belligerent, 
Mentally challenged prick
That you soon try and find a way to imitate”

👑“— But your people have nothing to do with it
And I feel for them 
Not only because they elected Your Insolence
but for all those whose livelihood have been effected.”

👑“— I know this is a muddy buskin you would like to lick
But if you only let One offer her condolences 
without any international dismay — “

😷“ — Hold my sweet of milk!
Yo yo! 
Thank you for the words, Queen. 
God bless Brazil and the United Kingdom.
I sure wanna lick some buskin
I would personally put my tong in it
But I was in a surgery taking little Jair’s purse from my belly”

😷“ — Next time you come here, Queen,
I will take you to the see the beach with your hubby
Just like mister Nathanael did the other day

God save you! Kisses.”

(no Lin-Manuels were harmed in the making of this)