Green rice from Yunnan in risotto, spinaches, their flowers, cashews.

Vegan awareness

Luckly the social awareness is rising and beside the vegan market is becoming bigger and bigger.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I’m an optimistic guy.

Differently from classic cuisine, the vegetarian/vegan cooking have its enthusiasm from an ethic, environmental and compassionate point of view.

As background then, the most recent techniques come from passionate vegan food bloggers and home chefs; differently from the classical cooking knowledge that comes from institutes, academies and several culinary schools in all over the Planet.

The movement of regular chefs more interested into the vegan cuisine is increasing as well the intentions of entrepreneurs to invest in the vegan market.

It happens sadly, that anyway the vegan market has the shadow of big groups as Monsanto and Nestle’, behind branded new vegan products on shelves of supermarket.

As any label, even behind the “vegan” one, there’s already something wrong moving under the surface.

The intentions to brake the market into different parties is already on, in order to have sub-labels, and more control on it.

Besides, for ego-interests and business reasons, the vegan culinary schools don’t form properly vegan chefs; otherwise we’d be surrounded by much more vegan restaurants and not only bowls or juices concepts.

I try to watch the whole F&B industry from outside, and is clear to me that there’s already something wrong, something not walking with the same shoes of nowadays, about technology, environment, society, information, equity.

Just the fact that vegan Michelin stars restaurants are less than 1% of all starred worldwide restaurants, is an important data that can make think aware people about how the interests of high gastronomy work.

What I see as possibility, is the boom of remote online co-work and a better attitude for collaborations and online sharing; generally speaking. This new way of working can fits magically with the vegan enthusiasm, that how I was describing, comes more from self-learned chefs, unsponsored and passionate cooks, often much less ego centred of mediatic hero-chefs.

In this vision, I see more masks falling apart, vegan gurus will be called to show examples and actions; leaders will be under constant exam, and an interesting network will grow, autonomous and silently out of big media.

Differently from pyramidal business models of classical F&B big companies, I see the possibility to grow up several horizontal communities of professionals, collaborators and independent media; some movement that grows and blossoms sinergically from down to up.

With vegan food each person is doing politics.

With vegan cuisine more chefs will do politics, too.

Vegan movement is called then to collaborate close to farmers; how point out the crudelity of industrial meat-fish-diary-egg realities and ignoring the natural touch that the human should re-gain with Nature, vegetables included?

I hope in more awareness between vegans because I’m sure and I can already see the risks of this “label”. Being vegan is not enough; being an aware person and chef is much more important.

If vegans talk about unpolluted plant based food, a better equanimous Planet, free conditions for animals; vegans are already leading a revolution and bringing solutions better than any politics because they’re pointing the most important topics; those ones bringing wars and inequanimity on this Planet close, very close to the point of no return.

And mostly important, with an aware plant based diet, there’s the solution forall the problems just mentioned.

I hope in more awareness from regular chefs, complaining about the society, the environment, the human status.

Every drop makes the ocean and every person can do a lot for a better world and being responsible of own actions is the best start.

Every light can make the Kali Yuga’s sky a bit darkless.

We’re talking about feeding humans and chefs are called to take a positions out of ignorance, nowadays in 2017.

I hope in more awareness for each single person.

I believe in people and their aware intelligence.

I pray for a better future of planet, humans, animals.

I wish a silent, sound, intelligent revolution.

Out of any label, since basically is personal political stuff.