10 Ways to Improve Teacher-Student Communication with Tech

Students today are completely immersed in the products of technological progress throughout everyday life. They can’t imagine their lives without all their gadgets and feel stressed when they do not have access to them. Why not take advantage of this digital world that suits them so well and leverage it into student success?Here are ten awesome LMS tools to boost your students’ productivity and help you diversify your lessons.

Interaction with LMS

1. Geenio

The traditional blackboard in the classroom is rather boring today. The students are so obsessed with technology and its manybenefits, they really can’t imagine life without their devices. It wouldn’t be wise to exclude this chance to utilize the new high-tech boards, which are both handy and amazing for teaching in a classroom. Geenio is an e-board where teachers create questions, lessons, homework, surveys and even tests. This is an absolutely wonderful tool and you can track how the initial and final lessons are interconnected. With a built-in editor, teachers can edit the texts they create. Geenio gives an opportunity to manage assignments, create groups and share new material. Teachers can assess their students and even track their academic progress.

2. Neo LMS

One more new digital board is Neo LMS. It allows teachers and students to collaborate. Teachers can post assignments and store e-books and other materials in a library. Every student has quick access to their to-do lists andannouncements. They can easily track their academic recordsby just clicking on a Gradebook. Students can also keep communicating through blogs that are already incorporated into the platform. Gamificationfeatures also allow teachers to make classes engaging and exciting.

3. Canvas

This already well-known board for collaboration between teachers and students is a great interactive board you can easily customize. Teachers can create assignments, presentations or engage in brainstorming. It helps to initiate discussions and makes effective use of video. It also securely stores educational files.

EngagementGamification Tools

4. The Academy LMS

The Academy LMS is especially good for blended learning. It helps teachers combine traditional learning and digital learning. By using this LMS, teachers provide personalized and social learning. The students can use it on different devices, including laptops, Mac computers or mobile phones. Instructors can use The Academy LMS to keep an eye on all their students in a virtual classroomfor learning and playing.

5. Kahoot

Kahoot can make the learning process engaging and fun. It is a tool that helps create learning games. Here you may create quizzes, discussions and surveys. Teachers can add videos, images and diagrams, thus making their students better prepared for classes. Kahoot is a word that meansfun learning game, and after the students apply it, they can easily share it. Students can also create their own kahoots and diversify the learning process.

Communication via Social Networks

6. Twitter

Twitter helps share information and knowledge. It is an easy way for teachers to share ideas and assignments,thereby involving their students in active learning. Students are made aware of upcoming assignments so they can prepare beforehand. Twitter is also a great resource to engage parents so they can be aware of their kids’academic performance and school life.

7. YouTube

With YouTube teachers may share educational videos to broaden students’ horizons and enhance learning. Here one may find many inspirational and interesting videos to watch andsatisfy one’s curiosity. The teacher may share the new topic related videos or may connect with their colleagues and exchange their teaching experiences.

8. Snapchat

Sometimes it can be confusing for teachers to present new material in a fascinating and compelling way. Snapchat provides instant images and short videos. This can work similar to flash-cards while learning a new language or introducing something new in a fun way. It is absorbing and immerses students in the learning process.

Knowledge Control Tools

9. Unplag

There are tools and applications that work instantly to help students easily cope with assignments. If they need to write an essay, there is always the dangerof copying information from the Internet. Unplagwas developed to address this issue and offers a great way to detect plagiarism in the students’ papers. Teacherscan use it to check several papers at once as well as differentiate the totally plagiarized content that is highlighted in yellow in a report,the plagiarized quotes in blue and purple indicate incorrect references.

10. Voice Thread

Voice Thread may become a great tool to use for learning assessment. The teacher creates an assignment and the students press the Voice Thread button to submit the assignment. Then, the teacher clicks on a student’s picture and findstheir comments that are actually the performed assignment. If the students didn’t submit their answers, the teacher sends a reminder to them.

Summing It Up

Today, collaboration in learning is possible with one click. New technologiesallow teachers to mix traditional and digital learning to make studying fun and absorbing. With a variety of LMS options, teachers can give instructions, send information, and present new material. And parents have the opportunity to be more aware of their child’s academic progress. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

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