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An Italian-born British businessman has warned that Coronavirus could push Europe to the brink of civil unrest.

CEO of independent British cable manufacturer Tratos, Dr Maurizio Bragagni warned that Europe — built as the ultimate defence against a repeat of WWII — was breaking leaving member nations taking a piecemeal approach to fighting the virus.

The idea behind post-war former enemies sitting at the same table, sharing trade and open borders with old enmities buried and new alliances forged was, he said, to ensure a peaceful future shaped by co-operation.

He warned: “This new Europe isn’t working at the very time — above all others — that it should. …

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MB/KM/20201004–1 10th April 2020

Dear Friends, colleagues, comrades,

God calls all of us, all human being to share the same destiny and sky. We can pretend to be different one of the other, and bring culture excuse, but the human heart is identical. It was the same from the prehistoric man, to the homo sapiens, it is the same now from the Italian to the British, the Japanese, Indian, Chinese, etc.

We desire the same thing, at the same time, at the same moment; to end this pandemic, to move on, to go back to life.

For one of the few time in human history, all the world and his people are experiencing the same sense of belonging to the Mistery, and tare making the same questions: Why? What do you want to tell us? What did we do wrong? …

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If the UK’s rallying call for self-isolation and social distancing compliance, support and a united front against Covid 19 is to work, then we have to recognise that, while protecting the NHS is key, so is thanking those who are keeping our healthcare and other vital services going.

They are the unsung heroes, and they are essential to winning this battle.

We can only maintain a strong frontline if we have a robust, committed and dedicated support system — and we are very, very fortunate in the calibre of people keeping their heads and doing their jobs.

Every supermarket delivery driver or shop worker, every utilities employee, every public transport colleague, every manufacturing and technology company producing essential parts and materials for everything from medical equipment to communications systems, every infrastructure organisation staff member carrying out critical maintenance, every refuse collector or postal worker. There are more. They know who they are. We are deeply grateful. We need to tell them. …


Maurizio Bragagni

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