Trumpic of Cancer
Jay Pochapin

Hi Jay: Great word and apt, Trumpid is a word for all of us. (Is it ok to use it and not violate your copyright? Do I owe you some money for the licensing fee?)

I made up a word, too. It is “Nahweh” © or its variant spelling, “Nah-way” ©. The word is based on Yahweh, which as I am sure you and your readers know was used in the Old Testament for G-d. Yahweh can mean simply “I am” or “I am who is,” or variations thereof, which have been documented and discussed throughout the last five thousand years, at least.

Nahweh © is a word whose meaning is evolving, but at present it refers only to the Orange person who presently lives (oy!) in the American White House and has the attention of too many people and is causing great consternation among said population.

Similar to Yahweh, Nahweh was devised to avoid uttering another word that would be sacriligeous. G-d could not, should not and would not be said by the Chosen Race. This was out of respect, out of a sense of awe, out of a belief that humans must hold G-d in infinitely high regard. Conversely, Nahweh is a word invented to avoid saying the name T — — — p. I’ve chosen to not say that name, as I view it as a curse, extremely offensive, perhaps even a threat. It is a name and a word that refers to someone who would serve the world better once returned to the dank, evil cave from whence he rose.

Nahweh © is primarily defined as “he who is not,” or “he who should not be,” it is a word of disdain, of disbelief, a word to describe someone who is, to quote another wordsmith, “deplorable.” The variation “Nahway,” whose spelling and visual presence will hopefully help explicate its definition and meaning, can be illustrated by the following example: “He is President!? Nahway?!” I am hoping that as the word becomes part of all languages, as I hope do your words, its definition will evolve. I encourage its use as a noun and probably an adjective, an exclamation of disbelief, referring to one man and one man only, the Orange person cited above.

Thanks for allowing the long response. I hope I haven’t encroached too much on your site. I will gladly delete if that is the case. I do not want to be accused of taking up the world’s valuable energy, attention, and time, of being Nahweh-ish.

Sincerely, Mauro

PS: There is an allied poker game I’ve developed, titled Nahweh Rules ©. I would be happy to explain it, but my poker pals tell me it is an awful, illogical, rambling, annoying, and perhaps even dangerous game.

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