Image: Leonardo Dourado

At a time when everyone’s hunting Pokémon, the artist Bel Borba is paying virtual tribute to the American singer Janis Joplin!

Augmented reality is coming to the arts to create new ways to appreciate them. An unprecedented experiment has brought together the artist Bel Borba with the motion designer and 3-D environment researcher Mauro Castro to produce new sensations.

Image: Maurício Sarmento

Bel Borba is quite excited about the new possibilities — he says augmented reality has arrived at an opportune time, as his art is undergoing a reinvention!

Image: Maurício Sarmento
3D Model by Mauro Castro

Motion designer Mauro Castro is the project’s technical partner. According to Mr. Castro, the technology has been available for a long time and has already been used by industry heavyweights, including the military, healthcare companies and architectural firms. But the thing that made it popular was the meteoric success of Nintendo’s Pokémon Go game, which was recently released in Brazil, together with the number of cameras and smart phones that are connected to the Internet nowadays!

Image : Bel Borba

Bel Borba will install an image of Janis Joplin on the sidewalk on Rua da Paciência, where she was a guest in 1970. Anyone passing through the neighborhood will be able to see this with their bare eyes. However, those who go to the website and download an app and file will have an amazing surprise when they point their smart phone or tablet at the image!

Image: Mauro Castro

A beautiful sculpture in motion will appear on their screens!

According to Mr. Borba, the !
 “The most impressive thing is being able to create something that initially can’t be seen by the naked eye, but that appears as something mystical in peoples’ devices when they access it through their screens. Additionally, things can be done digitally in environments where it would be impossible to physically intervene or create an installation or sculpture. This allows me to present my work anywhere in the city virtually, making a dialogue or a confrontation possible between the environment and the work of art placed into it, leading to a huge variety of reflections.” (Bel Borba)

 Artist: Bel Borba
 Motion designer: Mauro Castro
 Content Director: Maurício Sarmento
 Motion Designer Junior: Lucas Albuquerque
 Engineer/Cinematographer: Leonardo Dourado
 Webmaster: Carlos de Azevedo P. S. Neto