¿How I got a full scholarship to study in Korea?

Int. Airport Jose María Cordova. Colombia.

I dreamed studied abroad Colombia, since always. Understand why we grow with the idea that better are others and they are away, understanding it being outside and to know if is true or false, always has called my attention.

Get a full scholarship, including flight tickets, is not an easy and short process. You have to be prepared and be patient because it could take one or more than a year. The first thing you have to do is identify the scholarship, visit frequently the institution´s site and being updated with his social media and online activities. When I saw the chance to apply, I have been waiting for it for nine months!

In this post, I will write the steps and activities who helped me to apply and get the full scholarship. By the order tied by this writing, I have put numbers, but in practice, it doesn´t matter. You can choose the order that you want.

English. There is no doubt about this language offers great chances to interact with the world. More than being able to communicate and have lost the fear with public speaking, it is more important to pass an international exam. There are free websites and app´s to learn it; they are rich and good in content, but the problem is to achieve concentration and discipline; for that I recommend to pay for a private teacher or get involved in a course and pay for it, the money charged could help us to reach our goal.

Study and work. These activities say a lot about you, it´s important to have a certificate of each of these activities and be careful to have translated it.

Translations. Our certifications in a language different to English and diplomas lose all his value when we apply for a scholarship in a foreign country. To solve this problem exists official translators who translate the diplomats who support our CV. Official translations are done by experts, who is certified by The Foreign Relations Ministry. The charge for each diploma could be around USD 10 or 15.

Write. The host institution wants to know who are you across an essay. They use forms with questions to know in deep who you are, what is your life plan and what is the relationship with the scholarship. Generally, they ask for an interview on skype, but the moment of truth is when you write your essay. Be honest in all the process, especially here. Don´t request anybody to write the essay for you, nobody knows more about you than yourself. It´s healthy take the time to write and ask what they want to know about you. This could be the most important point of all.

Have a mentor. A mentor is a professor, a master, a guide, someone who knows you and who could give a positive reference about you as a professional and as alumni. Those mentors should be recognized people, with academic prestige or well-renowned background. This could improve your application.

Pay for a style correction. A style corrector is a person who reads your solicitude and checks each one of your phrases, makes suggestions about your essay and helps you to put clear all your ideas. Don´t ask this a friend for free, is better to pay someone to check in a professional way your request.

These are the most important steps for me if you want to get a scholarship to study abroad. If you have any questions or consider I have forgotten something in this post, let me know in the post´s comments above.

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