Koreans learning Spanish

I was invited to give a Spanish lesson to one group of Korean students between fourteen and sixteen. They receive regularly Spanish lessons from Korean teachers, and they wanted to have a class with a Spanish native speaker like me.

I prepared carefully my power point presentation. When I was talking about Colombian famous artists like Shakira, Carlos Vives, J Balvin and Maluma, I felt it was necessary to show more about them; so I just typed Maluma in YouTube and the first result was : “Felices los 4". The title means literally “happy 4"; which central message for his girlfriend is, if you are with me and you want to have an affair with someone else, let’s be happy everyone.

I didn’t remembered that the first video scenes show a partially naked woman getting dressed in a super sexy lingerie. Later happened what have to happen. Students got crazy.

They got crazy for fifty seconds and I was trying to hide my shame with a smile. I didn’t knew if cover my face or smile like they were doing. After one minute video, I stopped it to explain that in Western and most in Latin American countries is common this kind of entertainment. Bodies overexposed, tattoos, hottest boys and ladies dressing almost nothing and a lot of fun.