Taekwondowon. The Sacred place of Taekwondo

I was invited to Taekwondowon in Muju city. This place is known as the most important place for the development of Taekwondo in the world. You can go by bus in three hours from Seoul. Actually, Taekwondowon is more important than Muju because local Koreans say that Muju is lonely, and there is nothing to do there…

When I arrived, there were a group of kids with us enjoining the cultural activities. They live in Taekwondowon. The go to the school and do taekwondo training three times per week. All under the supervision of Korean teachers and trainers in charge of their academic, sports and personal development.

Within hotel, restaurants, stadium, auditorium, museum, shops, parking and gym, this place is considered the global taekwondo’s epicenter.

Thinking in National Federations, Taekwondowon was created to bring their teams and practice with Korean coaches, and understand more about the culture and the global development of the sport. Other features are the services provided for experts and beginers. You can experience more than 30 activities related with taekwondo. For example, you can take a First Aid course, leadership practice game, poomsae (figures, not combat), healing excercises and Korean caligraphy. This place is the perfect mix between education, training, experience and cultural exchange.

Lets check the video…

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