PDF resumé using github actions

My journey in making my personal resumé started from the days of college, where I used to use the college provided resumé format, to when I used to make my resumé using word processors, then to good formats using online resumé makers, and finally — my own github based responsive resume maker.

The first part was pretty easy if you talk about the code, like:

  • making a responsive view (writing the CSS for mobile and desktop view)
  • reading the data from a javascript file (pure json format). Now -only- editing the js file would take care of the generated html view.
  • making it print friendly, so you could easily print a PDF out of it 🌟(but sadly it is a 2–3 step procedure, all manual 😦)

It just happened that I got a mail from github to try out gh-actions, which enabled automated workflows based on your actions on the github repo.

A google keep card

First use case for this was to generate the meta tags to generate open-graph tags such that whenever I send this link over social media/ messaging platforms, it would show the display cards with image and brief.

I figured another use case could be to keep the static files versioned — as soon as you update the javascript file, it would automatically call for the new versioned file.

So in the gh-actions workflow file, I ran a node script to append/replace versions to the css and js files required to render the page.

Then it got better and better, I finally wrote a script, which makes an A4 size pdf using puppeteer, and the option to download it is also presented in the web-view.

All the above actions are performed after you make a push to the github repo.

So in total the features offered by this repo are:

  • a github hosted page available at <username>.github.io/aboutme
  • an editable js file containing your info, just clone the repo and make changes to the data.js file, it will generate responsive web-view
Check the webcomponent https://www.webcomponents.org/element/coinshine

A cool responsive mobile view with features like this.

This is done using the orientation sensor in Javascript, then applying rotation on an image using CSS.

  • an automatically updated PDF version of the file in A4 size

Go ahead and clone this repo, and make your own today. Also I am open to suggestions and collaborations.

Software Engineer, know more about me at https://9kartik.github.io/aboutme

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