My journey in making my personal resumé started from the days of college, where I used to use the college provided resumé format, to when I used to make my resumé using word processors, then to good formats using online resumé makers, and finally — my own github based responsive resume maker.

The first part was pretty easy if you talk about the code, like:

  • making a responsive view (writing the CSS for mobile and desktop view)
  • reading the data from a javascript file (pure json format). …

A fine day I came across an algorithmic challenge during an interview.

Suppose you have a list of contiguous numbers, but it is somehow missing out on one number in the list. For an example, take this:


The task was to find the missing number which in this case is 13.

I started with :

  • parse through the list
  • take the starting number
  • take the last number
  • take the sum of all the numbers in the list (sumA) = 101
  • calculate a sum using Arithmetic Progression summation formula n*(n+1)/2 (sumB) = 114
  • subtract the sum sumA from sumB
  • you…

Kartik Maurya

Software Engineer, know more about me at

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