Finally and at long last.
Kent Marshall

Thanks for the response Kent! You bring up an interesting concept (re: on-demand photo shoots). The broader theme I gather from the #WOCinTech story is this idea that technology and the speed of social networking in the digital era allowed them to solve a problem they had on their own and be incredibly vindicated on social media.

We still rely on old methods for finding images. If you want a particular image or look, you go through the 4–5 popular stock image sites or conduct a Google search. Meanwhile I’m sure there are localized experts and photographers who can deliver quality photos for any specific subject or locale (regardless of how niche it is).

For example, if I’m writing a story about Latino owned vineyards (which I am ;) ), it would be great if someone could deliver a set of 9–10 photos highlight these business owners in their fields. A local photographer working in Napa would definitely know who to contact to get the best photos and could deliver this instanteously through a network. And, voilà, no more dependency on generic stock photos.

I don’t have the time to build something like that but someone should!

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