The left, Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit and U-turns?
Owen Jones

I’m 27, a solid left winger, keen supporter of Jeremy and up until the last week, was very much in favour of remaining in the EU.

Firstly, I understand the risks of exiting under the Tories and that has been my main reason for wanting to remain. I do not want to see our workers’ rights ripped up and I do not want Tories dictating what happens afterwards. However, I feel the points about maintaining workers rights and environmental securities gradually become less and less compelling to make me want to remain as the EU is going down a neoliberal, business friendly path anyway. You know full well what that means; the cutting of ‘red tape’ otherwise known as workers rights and envitronmental protections.

When even the Greens are considering leaving, what with all the lauded benefits to the environment the EU gives us, that gives the Left serious pause for thought (

If this is the path of the EU, which it increasingly appears to be, then why remain? The EU is a capitalist club as Tony Benn said, and as things are progressing, profit will come first — exactly the business/corporatist mentality we on the Left are trying to fight.

At least if we leave we can vote out the Tories (provided they haven’t accomplished their gerrymandering) in a few years.

Moreover, the EU simply ignored the Greek referendum on the terms of their credit/loan. The Greeks voted no to the terms and yet they were imposed on them by the EU anyway. We also have the Lisbon treaty where, upon getting an undesired result at the ballot box, the EU decided to repeat the vote until they got the answer they wanted. This isn’t democracy. Now I’m not saying our democracy in the UK is anything to shout about — it isn’t - but at least we have more direct control over it and more potential to shape it.

When adding all this up, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that democracy, decentralised self-governance and self determination, when in the face of a growing corporocratic elite that will eventually slash our rights and implement neoliberal, Tory-esque policies, are more important than being able to go camping for a few weeks without the need for a visa.

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