Adventures in Boyhood

“Are we gonna, Bill?!”

“Shh! Yeah, so calm down.”

Bill and I walk to his house in anticipation of the fun ahead. We walk to our after school Cub Scout meeting where Bill’s parents lead our Den. Last year we were picked up or given rides. …

Me and Reality TV

In the Season 4 finale of Road Rules, the road trip spin off to MTV’s The Real World, Erika says something like, “When you leave the place where you grew up, you find out you’re a different person than who you thought you were.”

I have a handful of Real…

Boystown, Chicago, Winter, Y2K

Roscoe’s, Boystown, Chicago, my homo away from home, is closing, and the face-punch inducing little bar back we call “Poindexter” aggressively moves us along. Get in line for coat check! Get the guy’s number now before all the Roscoe’s business cards and golf pencils are swept away from their bar-top…

Subscribe to the newsletter if you will.

Hey there! So, I’m gearing up to launch a Substack newsletter. Substack feels like the best way for me to build a mailing list and get the word out about things. I’ve named it Bookish & Particular really that’s the closest thing I have resembling a personal “brand,” so there you go.

I’ll be sharing info on publications (Medium and elsewhere), performance events in Chicago (and someday elsewhere…) and other writerly, readerly, etc. goings on. A wider net than a Medium Publication Letter (which I’ll probably also use eventually.)

Join me, if you will, at the link below. And thank you!


A Chicago story

Living in the city, I often find myself dodging people on the street who ask for change. If I say anything, it’s a quick, but polite, “Sorry, I don’t have anything.” Sometimes that’s true. Other times I have plenty of change, especially after work. Is it selfish to feel annoyed…

Literary editing and revision by way of The Cure’s 1989 album Disintegration

Amongst a certain segment of the music-loving population, The Cure’s 1989 album Disintegration is one of the best albums ever recorded. I count myself as part of this population.

In thinking about the art of literary editing and revision, I’ve wondered how I could glean lessons and reminders from a…

A home story.

It was a rough fucking day for the Van Kerckhove Boys. …

A photo, a short story.

“You never know, you might finally meet someone…” Mother always says. But I think she knows by now that, snug in my almost late-forties, I am not the marrying kind. “If you marry me off,” I want to ask her, “who will be your date to these things?” …

Follow for essays, fiction, poetry, and other writings.

I am bit by bit building my Medium presence. I am learning the ways (embracing them/dealing with them later), getting some inspiration, and generally excited about where this all goes. With that, I’ve created a Publication dedicated to my stories and things: Bookish and Particular.

A dear friend once described…

Pleasant, that is. A prose poem.

Early September 1995, and I drive into the rain, my headlights barely visible as they shine off roadside spray. One headlight is slightly crooked from my run-in with Bambi, or doe a deer, earlier this year (four months ago in fact), a late-night drive up 131 between Kalamazoo and Grand…

Michael A. Van Kerckhove

Writer/Performer. Bookish, Particular, Gen X, Scorpio, Detroit → Chicago. Personal Essays & Things, some Fiction & Poetry. Welcome.

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