Those who’ve been using AMI for a while now may describe it as a follow-up or clienteling app. They’re not wrong! Building customer relationships has always been at our core. But, we know that’s one slice of the social selling pie.

Over the last year, it’s become even more important to find effective ways to share and sell without in-person interaction. In 2020, Web-based shopping grew by 44% in the US alone, and brands (from big corporations to individuals), are jumping on the rise in online retail.

In 2020, Web-based shopping grew by 44% in the US.

That’s why our…

Welcome to our final post in The AMI Holiday Selling Guide. Over the last few weeks, we walked through how to create the perfect gift bundle and how to capture sales despite canceled events.

In the past few years, social media has emerged as the place for customers to learn about products, see them in action, and even shop directly.

Why is social media such an effective marketplace? On average, people spend about 2.5 hours per day on social media. Not only that, but 11% of US social media users shop on Instagram. Instead of visiting websites, your potential…

Welcome to The AMI Holiday Selling Guide. We’re launching new features and step-by-step guides over the next few weeks to help you use AMI to power your holiday sales. Last week, we walked through creating the perfect gift bundles.

As December approaches, we know that during any other year, this would be a time for many sellers to participate in in-person events. Instead, events have had to take a back seat in holiday sales strategies.

While we know there's no perfect substitute, what if you could recreate an event experience with AMI? …

Welcome to The AMI Holiday Selling Guide. We’re launching new features and step-by-step guides over the next few weeks to help you use AMI to power your holiday sales.

After a roller-coaster year, holiday shoppers are likely looking for the easiest path to gifting. We love hearing about how sellers get creative with curating their products, and we know holiday shoppers will really appreciate it this year, too.

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to create bundles in AMI to share with your customers who are looking for no-brainer gift ideas.

Create the perfect holiday gift sets

Providing amazing customer service starts well before…

In our latest posts, we’ve talked about ways to organize your contacts list to help you identify marketing and sales opportunities. However, as messages and sales pile up, keeping a completely organized list doesn’t always happen as planned. And that’s okay.

We know that getting holiday communication out early this year is especially important since a majority of shopping will take place digitally and shipping delays can be stressful for both you and your customers. …

You may have heard a number of entrepreneurs share how the AMI app helps make sure no contact falls through the cracks thanks to our automated reach-out To Dos.

What we’ve discovered since launching our powerful To Dos is that seasoned business builders are leveraging the information stored in AMI to take their business to the next level: they go beyond To Dos and market directly to their customers and leads.

In 2020, we found that 29% of messages sent from AMI are not related to specific follow-ups.

With the Advanced Contact Search Filters, sellers can create their customized groups…

At the end of April, in the midst of a huge shift to all-virtual work, we announced our first wave of Advanced Search Filters to help you find the exact group or person you’re looking for — and fast! Since then, we’ve been wowed by how the #poweredbyAMI Community has tapped into the power of their contacts list to find potential customers and teammates and turn an unpredictable year into a strong selling season!

While AMI To Dos keep you focused on specific types of follow-ups, we noticed that since the start of 2020, 26% of all messages sent via…

Throughout August, we challenged sellers like you across the globe to Get Fall Ready with us, and you rose to the occasion! We appreciate everyone bringing their A-game, putting in the hard work, and setting yourself up for success this holiday season. 💪

Below, we highlight the Top 3 lessons from the #poweredbyAMI Community at the Challenge finish line:

✨ There’s real magic in personalized connections

We’ve never been shy about being fans of personalized connections and during this unpredictable year, it’s been more important than ever. …

Welcome to the third and final week of the Get Fall Ready AMI Challenge! 🎉🍂 So far, you’ve organized your contacts into searchable groups with custom labels and been able to make personalized connections about upcoming promotions or new releases to those groups. Are you ready for the last week of the AMI Challenge? Let’s dive in!

The Challenge Task

This week, it’s all about Promoting your business and the products you love. Many of our participants have been doing this already, but we want to take it further by providing your customers with a personalized shopping experience. …

Welcome to the second week of the Get Fall Ready AMI Challenge! 🎉🍂 Last week, you organized your contacts using custom labels. We loved learning about all the ways #poweredbyAMI sellers use custom labels to send personalized messages to their contacts. Are you ready for this week’s task?

The Challenge Task

This week, it’s all about Connecting. Some might be thinking, “If I want to earn a lot of tickets, I should just send mass messages!” But our challenge to you this week is: try to make personal connections as much as possible.

Team AMI

We’re changing how people build authentic relationships and sell the products they love & transforming the sales industry.

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