Disney+ has officially launched, two years after its initial announcement, creating a new contender in the “Streaming Wars”.

The new streaming service enters a highly competitive market, hoping to differentiate itself with its extensive content offerings. The service is available only in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands to start, but has been generating worldwide social media attention for some time. From January 1st to November 11th, 2019, on Twitter, Disney+ was mentioned 4.7M times worldwide, with conversations about competition with other available streaming services accounting for 434K conversations, or 9% of overall mentions.

From the day the service launched…

It’s been more than a century since some ateliers of the early 1900s in Paris began hiring women to wear their creations in public shows, those were the forerunners of the modern fashion weeks. Even though the number of fashion weeks around the world has been increasing over the past two decades, New York, London, Milan and Paris are still the capitals of the most awaited fashion weeks.

The new millennium brought not only an increase of events, but countless changes. The technological evolution has inevitably and heavily affected this kind of events and the fashion industry in general. …

Someday in the future, we may remember December 14, 2018 as the day that an unknown 15-year-old climate change activist from Sweden stepped onto the international stage and commanded it, awakening the conscience of citizens across the world and demanding action from its leaders. Greta Thunberg’s speech at the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference started her on her path toward becoming a world-renowned activist and a powerful influencer on climate change. As of May 2019, about 1.5M students in 125 countries have participated in the school strikes that she started.

The impact she has made on the global stage…

Lollapalooza, an event that first launched in 1991, remains one of the country’s most anticipated and talked about music festivals. Chicago’s Grant Park hosted around 400K people this year, at the festival’s 15th anniversary. Due to the considerable interest surrounding the event on social media, we wanted to explore the topics of conversation and the buzz around the event’s performers. We also wanted to explore the connections between users discussing the festival on Twitter.

News of the event’s line-up dominated the mentions

Lollapalooza ’19 captured the attention of thousands of users on social media, whose conversations spiked when the line-up was announced on March 20th and during the…

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