Citizens of Great Britain living / working / retired in other parts of Europe are extremely concerned that their benefits from citizenship will not continue to extend to them through pensions, education grants, and healthcare if they remain abroad. A chief beef is that they were not even allowed to vote in the referendum.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s scheduled speech in Florence Italy prompted demonstrators to gather outside Santa Maria Novella church prior to her speech. Alarmed Britons in Florence displayed anti-Brexit signs sighting “Denied a vote: Denied a voice.” The banner with a close up of Ms. May’s face displays eyes that are harsh and uncaring. Though the assembled crowd was calm and not large their intense focus was tangibly and visually felt.

Many wondered why Florence was chosen for the Prime Minister’s speech when so many other European cities accommodate British citizens that would result in a greater turn out for protest.

In response to Theresa May’s speech Italian finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan claimed “ It is moderately helpful, we will have to see the details. I do hope that the Brexit negotiations get on a straight course with a clear roadmap because this is what we need. What we do not need is further uncertainty in Europe.”

#COMM206 #No votes for Brits abroad

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