The Art of Designing With Heart
Jonas Downey

Great article Jonas! And this is because I have looked deeper into what all you have described and the way you have revealed yourself with honesty :)…Though at the same time I would like to tell you that all these concepts, thoughts and whole process is nothing new. It is pity that we all have forgotten to be human first in this world of bare transactional approach that views the customer or user solely as a vehicle for sales/monetary gain. Technology is just a tool, but we have started to DEFINE our lives with it, giving companies ideas to just about monetize everything. We are ourselves to blame. I work on the business analysis and product management side and have couple of recognition at my firm (with the similar philosophy as you described), where I did my REAL job of understanding the correct problem statement of client and providing a be-fitting solution. And the truth is we all face professional politics which is the real culprit…So, sure we all need to start behaving in the manner explained in your article, but to develop this art to really believe in people and fundamentally care about them is a JOURNEY in itself. Most of the time yo need to be a person with larger than life goals and someone who can control his/her insecurities and fears! the technical aspects are easy to come, it is the behavioral aspect where our work is cut out for most of us.

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