Danni Clearance
Oct 25, 2015 · 4 min read

Following a series of events that have opened new pathways upon older pathways, I’ve spent the time trying to understand the underpinning reason to certain behaviors from a specific category of people. Personally, I’d rather not categorize humans into groups or put them under a label that’s biased to my opinion but in this case I differentiate between the spiritually driven, deeper feeling, and “more aware of surroundings” versus proclaimed adventurist, labelled character, and exaggerator. Quite literally, I’m shedding light on what I think is the true conflict in humanity, the internal fight that has blown out of proportion and the mediocre persons behavior that is now relying on this supposed drive to freedom and liberation both mentally and physically.

“If someone is not okay with speaking about religion that’s their problem, not mine. They can get up and leave” — words I’ve heard that reassured me there is a problem here, a slight glitch in the turmoil that is human behavior.

Everyone has developed this understanding that their character is the only thing that matters. This character, they think, is interlinked to how strongly they believe in the things they love or the things they pursue. Take for example someone who claims they are passionate about a certain field, they take it upon them self to scream out to the world that they are enthusiasts of that field. In true reality it is a belief that they need to be associated with this field to fall into a certain category, to be “cool”. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about being passionate about the things you love, about believing you are competent enough to be associated with it — but my belief is that if you were true to the nature of it there is absolutely no need for you to fake your passion as it will radiate off of your behavior. If you love drawing, it will show in your art. If you love sports, it will show in how consistent you are, if you love dancing, it will show in how you twirl. It will not show in how loud you scream it.

So we’ve covered the idea that people love the ideology of labeling themselves in order to feel like they are of more value in order to attract those around them, in order for them to shine among dullness. The next concept that follows the labeling process is the demeaning intentions they give to others because God forbid someone is better than them. The world has turned into one big competition of followers based on how people perceive you. I’m not going to tell you to not let the words of others hurt you rather I’m going to tell you that anyone that takes the time put someone down is the epitome of insecurity. Insecurity based on false assumptions of who they are — which is shaped by society.

We are one in this world, one humanity, one kind, and from one source.

Strength and character are reflected through respect. You do not hold back from what you say because you care what people think of you, you hold back from speaking because you respect the person in front of you. You behave a certain way because you value the human you are interacting with, you believe they deserve a certain amount of politeness and not for any reason. Just because. Just because you are of that value as well, you have an abundance of love to give which is reflected in respect and listening. Listening to what they have to say, to why they think differently than you, to why they behave in a certain way. Listening not to respond rather to understand. You are interacting with another bundle of star dust in front of you that has endured a long pathway of experiences, been exposed to a set of things, learned differently and what do people do in these situations? They brew up a response out of personal experience of something they have been familiar with for all their life. Why are we remaining in our own heads, in memories we know too well, in beliefs we are certain of? Why is that the first thing we want to respond with? You have so much to learn through exposing your mind to new ideologies, and ways of thought. If we listen to what is said, there is magic in the way we can take someones experience and shape it into our world to better ourselves everyday. Build new pathways and take what you want from what is said.

Be passionate, but respect others passion.

Going back to the earlier stated religion comment, in a situation like that ask yourself what benefit it is for you to force your own problems on others. Your inability to be lenient with others beliefs is definitely an internal problem that you generate for yourself by yourself. And with that I tell you, before you call yourself a supporter — watch your behavior and the words that come out of your mouth. Do not claim to be something you are clearly not for a society that obviously doesn’t care.

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