Generation WHY

We want to be heard. We don’t want to be told what to do.

Born out of the previous generations, born out of the silent people, born out of the people that created a system — we are generation Y. Millennials. We are not to blame for our elders mistakes, for their misjudgments and their confusion. We will not be restricted by the walls they have built for themselves, we will not develop strategies that cater to what they once perceived an efficient economy, an efficient market, a good living. Enough with the experience talk, enough with the “I know better attitude”.

It is so evident, in today’s world, how the previous generation is holding onto their reign through demanding they are better — due to experience, age, and exposure. Don’t get me wrong, that is a valid judgement to a certain extent but how accurate is that judgement on a time frame like today? We have towers being built over night, countries falling faster than the economy crash, 16.7% turnover rates and a shit load of revolutions. How long will we let the decisions of dead people affect us?

Diversity, globalization, the world is one place. We are one place. We are closer than ever. We are a maximum of a few hours away, we have infinite choices and combinations to ways of living. We have an abundance of knowledge and all kinds of education. We have created artificial intelligence, understood spirituality if even the gist of it, we have accepted people of different backgrounds and structures.

But still, we are hindered from progression because of rules and regulations a generation, that needs to step down, is still running.

Generation Y — ask the questions for the answers you want.

Take charge of the world. It is yours.