This is my race.

Danni Clearance
Jul 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Growing up slightly too fast with a little voice in my head. Time seems to be gushing through my life events like a wild river in the west. Everything seems out of reach and unattainable because there are priorities but there is no time and people don’t understand when you don’t see them enough and you lose your friends one at a time because hey they’re doing alright without you. You don’t know whether you want to question existence or find your solitude or understand your desires and come to terms with your emotions, you don’t know what to do with the bundle that is yourself.

…but somehow, you’re making it through the day.

How often do you hear people disregard the effort of others? When they take the time to point out the faults of their developments and where they went wrong.

“they’re not breaking even, they make no money”

“they’re damaging the concept, they’ve ruined it for all of us”

“they’re young and feeding off daddy’s money”

Stop it. Because while you are slumped on your behinds these people are trying, venturing outside the norms, finding their way around an unfamiliar land. Praise them for what they’ve done, praise them for even attempting. Never dull their shine for that is the biggest form of weakness.

If anything, you need to be looking at yourself. Understand where all thoughts are coming from. From what dark hole inside are you generating incorrect assumptions about the world around you? What have YOU been suppressing?

In stages of growth, the person that you may be shaming is someone with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They have deadlines to meet, they have no stability, they are generating something out of nothing. They are trying, day in and day out to make it to their goals. To feel satisfied with their own development. To sit on a hill of thoughts and education. To rise to the maximum potential attainable.

I mean, you can tell me not to let the words of others influence me and you can give me all this crap about individualizing the growth but I fail to believe that. We’re humans that are put on earth to help each other rise and become, to develop a world of utopia. I refuse to isolate myself from the world in order for my successes to happen. I will not despise the other human, even if they had done me wrong. I will only create space and boundaries. You cannot succeed without the support of your kind, you cannot make it if you are selfish. You cannot.

So I ask you to question what you say before you say it, understand the place another could be in. Leave your little world of me me me and look at them. Look at those around you. Believe in them. Trust them. Support them.

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

Danni Clearance

Written by

An illusion of thought, conspiracy and desire.

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